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34) 2003 Sub-Commander T’Pol


Original Retail:  $14.95

Artist:  Anita Marra Rogers

Box Text:

Name: T’Pol
Born: Vulcan
Rank: Sub-commander, Science Officer, assigned to ENTERPRISE NX-01

T’Pol has been assigned to ENTERPRISE NX-01 to oversee the humans’ progress in exploring deep space.  She is cautious and guarded around humans – like other Vulcans, she considers them to be primitive and irrational.  Still, she slowly develops a respect for Captain Archer and his crew.

Serial #:  QXI8757


33) 2003 Captain Jonathan Archer


Captain Jonathan Archer

Born: San Francisco, Earth
Rank: Captain, assigned to the 22nd century

Federation starship ENTERPRISE NX-01

Artist: Anita Marra Rogers

Size: 2 1/2″ W x 3 7/8″ H


32) 2003 The Scorpion – Star Trek Nemesis



Abducted and imprisoned on a hostile aliean starship, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is freed by Commander Data in disguise.  Together they battle their way through the corridors of the huge vessel into a shuttle bay, where they discover a fleet of Scorpion attack flyers.

Unable to open the shuttle doors, their only means of escape is for Captain Picard to pilot a Scorpion through the twisting interioir of the ship to freedom.

This Keepsake Ornament features glowing lights on the Scorpion’s wing panels ans exhaust port as well as in the landing lights.  The cockpit instrument panel is also lighted. Sculpted by Hallmark Keepsake Artists Lynn norton and Anita Marra Rogers.



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The Scorpion ornament was sculpted by Lynn Norton but the Data and Picard figures within were sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers. Rogers sculpted a majority of Star Trek ornaments that were not starships and generally focused on figures.

All promotional photos of the Scorpion are shown with a clear canopy and characters are easily seen. Final production of the Scorpion included a tinted canopy mostly obscuring the characters inside.


“Look closely beyond the smoked canopy of the Scorpion ornament, and you may discern painted figures of Captain Picard and Data in the cockpit as sculpted by Keepsake Artist Anita Marra Rogers. Original designs for the ornament included a transparent canopy transparent on the ornament, but changed to match the studio model used for filming. The change came too late to alter photographs on the ornament’s retail box and other Hallmark publications, which clearly show the figures.” -Kevin Dilmore

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