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88) 2018 Tricorder

More images and information to follow once available.


85) 2017 Spock


2017 Hallmark Christmas tree ornament featuring a likeness of Mr. Spock from Star Trek – The Original Series.  This ornament is made out of resin and comes with a ribbon attached for hanging. This is not sold in Hallmark stores but is a Wal-Mart exclusive.  This is not a Hallmark Keepsake ornament but a Hallmark branded ornament similar to 2016’s Maxine ornament.

Serial #: 1HCM3889

Assembled Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.75″x 3.50″x2.50″

Retail: $7.99

Walmart Exclusive



2018 “The Naked Time” Ornament Revealed at Star Trek Las Vegas

Trekcore has revealed the first 2018 Hallmark Star Trek ornament and it is “The Naked Time”! The preview was seen at this week’s Star Trek Las Vegas.

You may remember in August of 2016 “The Naked Time” had the best odds of being converted into an ornament at 3:1. See what else was was on our list of most likely ornaments!

What else will 2018 bring from Hallmark? A U.S.S. Discovery perhaps? Possibly a Deep Space Nine ornament to celebrate its 25th Anniversary? We will see.


2017 Picard/Data Ornament Close-Ups


Star Trek The Menagerie Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Hand-Signed by Sean Kenney as Captain Pike

If you have an extra $95 handy here is your chance to get a Sean Kennedy signed Menagerie Hallmark ornament.

We are not the seller of this ornament. If you are interested in this product contact Collector’s Shangri-la.


2017 SDCC Enterprise C Display