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2017 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention is Underway


Creation Entertainment’s 16th Annual Las Vegas
Official STAR TREK Convention 2017

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
August 2-6, 2017

The Rio Suites Hotel
3700 W. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV

The 16th Annual Las Vegas Star Trek Convention began yesterday and we got our first preview of 2018’s “The Naked Time” ornament.

A complete schedule is available to see what is in store at this year’s event.

A limited number of this year’s Battle Damaged Enterprise C will be available each day.


2018 “The Naked Time” Ornament Revealed at Star Trek Las Vegas

Trekcore has revealed the first 2018 Hallmark Star Trek ornament and it is “The Naked Time”! The preview was seen at this week’s Star Trek Las Vegas.

You may remember in August of 2016 “The Naked Time” had the best odds of being converted into an ornament at 3:1. See what else was was on our list of most likely ornaments!

What else will 2018 bring from Hallmark? A U.S.S. Discovery perhaps? Possibly a Deep Space Nine ornament to celebrate its 25th Anniversary? We will see.

Hallmark KOC Members May Order 2017 Event Exclusives Today

As of 8:00 am C.S.T. today  (7/24/17) Keepsake Ornament Club Members can order 2017 Event Exclusive ornaments. HARLEY QUINN, T-70 X-Wing Fighter, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C are believed to be those ornaments that are available.

It can be confusing how to go about ordering on Hallmark’s site.  As of last year this seemed to be the best process…

– Go to:
– Click on: ACCOUNT (at top of page)
– Click on : Sign In
– Enter: Email address and Password
– Click on: SIGN IN button
– Scroll over: HI, NAME (at top of page)
– Select: Keepsake Ornament Club
– Find your Active membership
– Click on Show options
– Click on: Purchase additional ornaments
– Scroll through list selecting which ones you want then
process order as usual.

UPDATE: KOC Members having problems logging in online were able to call 1-800-HALLMARK and order with only a ten minute wait.