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1993 U.S.S. Enterprise D Store Display

A 1993 Hallmark display for the Enterprise D ornament is currently on eBay.


The cardboard display is an insert that looks to swap in and out of a Hallmark display similar to the one for the 1994 Bird of Prey display.

If you are interested in Hallmark advertisements you can pick this up now for less that $40.



1992 Hallmark Galileo Store Display

The 1992 Hallmark Galileo ornament was the only Star Trek ornament released that year. It was also lucky enough to have its very own Point-of-Sale display.  A 15.5″ x 18″ x 11.5″ deep box contains a 1992 Hallmark Christmas ornament talking store display.  The 4″ long “Galileo” lighted Shuttle orbits a moon-like quarter sphere on a metal rod. Push-button on the base of sphere allows one to here message from Mr.Spock.





The display typically sells for $30 – $100 in the after market if you’re lucky enough to find one.