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1996 Voyager, Spock, Riker Store Display and 30th Anniversary Pin Premiuim Form

1996 Hallmark store display for U.S.S. Voyager, Mr. Spock and Commander William T. Riker. Also pictured is the store display and form for the 30th anniversary pin premium display


To receive a FREE antiqued-nickel STAR TREK 30th Anniversary Pin by mail; buy any three 1996 STAR TREK Keepsake Ornaments and any Hallmark card.

1993 U.S.S. Enterprise D Store Display

A 1993 Hallmark display for the Enterprise D ornament is currently on eBay.


The cardboard display is an insert that looks to swap in and out of a Hallmark display similar to the one for the 1994 Bird of Prey display.

If you are interested in Hallmark advertisements you can pick this up now for less that $40.



1992 Hallmark Galileo Store Display

The 1992 Hallmark Galileo ornament was the only Star Trek ornament released that year. It was also lucky enough to have its very own Point-of-Sale display.  A 15.5″ x 18″ x 11.5″ deep box contains a 1992 Hallmark Christmas ornament talking store display.  The 4″ long “Galileo” lighted Shuttle orbits a moon-like quarter sphere on a metal rod. Push-button on the base of sphere allows one to here message from Mr.Spock.





The display typically sells for $30 – $100 in the after market if you’re lucky enough to find one.