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1992 Star Trek Shuttlecraft Landing Revisit


Your Standard Keepsake Magic Ornament Event Will Be Out Of This World!

Collectors are already eager for the new Shuttlecraft Galileo ornament to arrive at your store! Trekkers are are equally anxious. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the excitement generated by this historical landing of this STAR TREK Shuttlecraft Galileo in your store.

The Shuttlecraft Galileo Keepsake Magic Ornament is destined to become as sought after as its predecessor, the Starship Enterprise.

This new ornament crosses the final frontier in ornament design. It’s lighted and features the authentic voice of Mr. Spock wishing your customers a personal Christmas greeting.

Galileo also provides full margin for you.

TV Beams News Of Shuttlecraft To Earthlings

National television advertising will begin August 24, with a compelling message to viewers to purchase the Keepsake Shuttlecraft Galileo Magic Ornament.

TV commercials featuring Leonard Nimoy, will air on STAR TREK (the original series) reruns, on STAR TREK: The Next Generation (in syndication), and on NBC’s Today Show.

A color print ad will run in the Sunday Parade magazine and the USA Weekend magazine on August 30. Full-page color ads will also appear in “Official STAR TREK Fan Club Newsletter” magazine (August 21 issue) and in “StarLog” on September 1.

Be ready to welcome customers with a well-planned Shuttlecraft Landing Party event that will not only create goodwill and enthusiastic response from your customers, but will pave the way for future sales and continued customer loyalty.

Here’s What To Do

Read, display and distribute all the materials included in this promotion kit. They include:


1 Bag Stuffer Slick
1 Ad Slick
1 Direct Mail Invitation Slick
200 Full-Color Direct Mail Invitations
1 20-1/2” x 30” Poster
1 8” x 10” R-T-W Entry Sign
300 R-T-W Entry Forms (6 pads of 50 each)
1 Entry Form Slick
1 Enterprise Mobile (R-T-W Prize)
1 News Release


12 Sales Associate Guides
12 Sales Associate Button Inserts


1 Entry Form Slick
1 8” x 10” Sign


1 8” x 10” Sign


Implementing The Promotion

August 3

  • Ornament ships.

August 2 – August 8

  • Have your coloring contest entry forms printed with your store’s name, address, and entry deadline date.
  • Have your bag stuffers printed. Be sure to have your printer to add your store name and address to the lower right hand corner.
  • Have extra direct mail invitations printed with your store name, address and time of your costume contest imprinted.

August 9 – August 15

  • Contact your local newspaper advertising representative and order your newspaper ad.
  • While you are discussing  your advertising with your newspaper representative, give him or her your Shuttlecraft Landing Party news release.  Mail copies of the news release to local radio stations and to any other local newspapers that serve your trading area.
  • Mail your full-color invitations to your Collector’s list and your best customers.  Be sure to store stamp the invitations (inside and on the return address side) prior to mailing.  Fill in the time of your costume contest as well.  Use the direct mail invitations you had printed yourself when you run out of full-color invitations.
  • Distribute your Coloring Contest Forms and arrange for a local art teacher to judge the entries.

August 16 – August 22

  • Display your 20-1/2” x 30” poster in your window or in the wooden floor-stand holder at the front of the store (sku 19DH 555).
  • Display your costume contest sign. Arrange for a local drama teacher to judge the costume contest.
  • Staple your Shuttlecraft Landing Party bag stuffers to the outside of customer’s bags.
  • Assemble your U.S.S. Enterprise Mobile and hang it from the ceiling.
  • Have Sales Associates wear their Shuttlecraft Landing Party button inserts.

August 22

  • Build your Shuttlecraft Galileo display in a prominent place. Display all other STAR TREK related products nearby. Make sure your U.S.S. Enterprise Mobile hangs where it can be seen from outside your store.

August 23 – August 27

  • Position your Register-to-Win box and entry forms near your hanging mobile.
  • Encourage Sales Associates to mention the Landing Party  To customers and invite them to attend.
  • Display coloring contest entries as they come in.

August 29

  • Take photos of costume contest entrants to send to Hallmark. Judge contest and award prize. Suggested prizes include the Shuttlecraft Galileo, any item from your STAR TREK collection or a gift certificate from your store.

August 30

  • Judge your coloring contest and award prize according to the firms in this kit.

After August 30

  • Add the names and addresses from the entry forms to your customers direct mail list. After that is completed, mail the entry forms to Hallmark as instructed in your Universal Fulfillment Kit to be sure that your store is given credit for these in “The Very Best Program”.












Classic Hallmark Star Trek Commercials Revisited

1992 Galileo Commercial

Leonard Nimoy portrayed Lt. Spock for nearly 50 years and in 1992 he recorded a special holiday message from Spock for use within Hallmark’s Shuttlecraft Galileo ornament. That same year, Nimoy appeared as himself in a television commercial for the ornament where he gives the famous Vulcan salute.

  • Leonard Nimoy: ”Excuse me. I’m interested in the new collectors ornament from Hallmark.”
  • Hallmark Employee: “Ahh…the shuttle craft Galileo from the starship Enterprise.”
  • Leonard Nimoy: “Precisely.”
  • Hallmark Employee: “You know? It lights up when you plug it in. And listen…”
  • Spock Ornament Recording: “Shuttle craft to Enterprise. Spock here. Happy holidays. Live long and prosper.”
  • Leonard Nimoy: “Fascinating.”
  • Voiceover: “For a store in your sector now carrying the Star Trek ornament call 1-800-HALLMARK.”
  • Hallmark Employee: ”Live long and prosper, right?”
  • Leonard Nimoy: “No, now take five.“

1993 Enterprise D Commercial

In 1993, Hallmark aired a television commercial featuring Patti Yasutakein the role of Nurse Alyssa Ogawa, who was seen questioning the shipboard computer and then replicating a USS Enterprise-D Keepsake ornament. Patti Yasutake played Nurse Alyssa Ogawa in 16 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and in Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: First Contact.

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry provided the voice of the computer. Majel, the “First Lady of Star Trek”, famously played the Trek roles of Number One, Nurse Chapel, M’Ress, Lwaxana Troi and the voice of most onboard computer interfaces throughout the series.

  • Nurse Ogawa: “Computer, access the new Keepsake Magic Ornament from Hallmark.”
  • Ship Computer/Replicator: “Accessing U.S.S. Enterprise, a collectible ornament accurately representing the the Galaxy Class starship. Ornament carries Earth date 1-9-9-3 and illuminates in a realistic manner.”
  • Nurse Ogawa: “The new starship enterprise ornament please.”
  • Ship Computer/Replicator: “Replications are copies. Only Hallmark carries authentic Keepsake ornaments.”
  • Nurse Ogawa: “Suggest solution.”
  • Ship Computer/Replicator: “Call 1-800-HALLMARK for store nearest you.”

1995 Klingon Bird of Prey Commercial

Hallmark’s television commercial for the 1994 Klingon Bird-of-Prey ornament featured Robert O’Reilly in the role of Gowron, commanding the bridge of a Klingon ship. His raucous Klingon language pitch was subtitled in English.

Robert O’Reilly appeared in the Star Trek franchise for over ten years primarily in his recurring role on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Chancellor Gowron, the leader of the Klingon Empire.

O’Reilly made his first appearance in the Star Trek franchise with an appearance in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Manhunt”and his last as the character Kago-Darr in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Bounty”.

Marc Okrand, creator of the Klingon language, provided the language for the commercial.  He is the author of three books about Klingons – The Klingon Dictionary, The Klingon Way and Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, as well as two audio-courses: Conversational Klingon and Power Klingon.

  • Gowron (speaking in Klingon): “Greetings! In our many battles we have fought with honor and achieved…victory! So to celebrate I have gotten you all a gift. It’s a Klingon Bird of Prey Ornament.”
  • Klingon #1 (speaking Klingonese): “It looks so real.”
  • Klingon #2 (speaking Klingonese): “It even has working lights.”
  • Voiceover: “Hallmark introduces the exclusive Klingon Keepsake Ornament. Call 1-800-HALLMARK for a Gold Crown Store near you.”
  • Klingon #1 (speaking Klingonese): ”That was really nice of him.”
  • Klingon #2 (speaking Klingonese): “Yeah, we should get him a thank you card.“

1995 Romulan Warbird Commercial

Martha Hackett appeared as the female Romulan officer. Martha auditioned for the role of Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but lost out to Terry Farrell.  She was cast as a member of the Terellian alien species in the finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “All Good Things…”. She appeared on Deep Space Nine as the Romulan Sub Commander T’Rul in the two part episode “The Search” in season three and starred as Seska in thirteen episodes of the television series Star Trek: Voyager.

  • Hallmark Employee: “May I help…you.”
  • Sub-commander: “You are aboard the the Imperial Warbird Khazara. You are here to explain this.”
  • Hallmark Employee: “Oh…the new Hallmark Star Trek Keepsake Magic ornament?”
  • Female Romulan Officer: “Pirated from the Romulan Empire!”
  • Male Romulan Officer: “Sub-commander, it lights up!”
  • Sub-commander: “Tell us what you know.”
  • Hallmark Employee: “Oh…well, the Romulan Warbird ornament is at Gold Crown Stores for a limited time. You should get yours soon.”
  • Voiceover: “Call 1-800-HALLMARK for the store nearest you.”
  • Hallmark Employee: “You in town for a Star Trek convention?”

2020 Dream Book

From the final frontier come the first ornaments in our Star Trek Storytellers series.
Television’s most famous space explorers will be warping onto your tree this year. For our first release, with two more years of ornaments planned, you can have Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Captain James T. Kirk and mirror universe Hikaru Sulu transported to your home and ready to perform with their coordinated light and sound shows.

Using audio clips from the original Star Trek series, the Enterprise crew recreates famous moments from the iconic 1967 episode “Mirror, Mirror.” Stuck in a parallel
universe with evil versions of themselves, can the team make it back home?
In addition to interacting with each other and performing by themselves, each Storytellers ornament also creates scenes with the U.S.S. Enterprise Tree Topper. With four more characters planned after this year, you can relive fantastic Star Trek memories for years to come.

See them in action at

1996 Voyager, Spock, Riker Store Display and 30th Anniversary Pin Premiuim Form

1996 Hallmark store display for U.S.S. Voyager, Mr. Spock and Commander William T. Riker. Also pictured is the store display and form for the 30th anniversary pin premium display


To receive a FREE antiqued-nickel STAR TREK 30th Anniversary Pin by mail; buy any three 1996 STAR TREK Keepsake Ornaments and any Hallmark card.

Galileo Print Ad Version 2, 1992



It took Hallmark to offer a collectible ornament so authentic, so finely crafted, it even plays a message from Mr. Spock, recorded by Leonard Nimoy.

This newly released Star Trek ornament, stardated 1992, is a collector’s item you can enjoy all year long, as well as during the holidays.

It’s just $24, and supplies are limited. So lock on to the coordinates of a Hallmark store near you and pick up your Shuttlecraft Galileo from the Starship Enterprise today.

2018 Hallmark Dream Book Star Trek Ornaments Revealed!

Here it is! The 2018 Hallmark Dream Book has been released online and we got some surprises!


We had already known about three ornaments that were on the agenda, The Naked Time, U.S.S. Discovery, and the Tricorder.  The Dream Book reveals a new metal NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise. The ornament is listed as a premium ornament and will retail for $39.99.

But that isn’t the biggest news for 2018. Hallmark will celebrate the  45th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series with the first ornaments honoring the series. Last year we noted the TAS’s anniversary as a possibility for a new ornament. 2018’s Convention Exclusives will include Lieutenant Arex and Lieutenant M’Ress. These ornaments will be sold as a set of two with a retail of $40.00.  They will be a limited run of 2800.

Look for our animated crew members at San Diego Comic-Con (July 19-22, 2018), Official Las Vegas Star Trek Convention (August 1-5, 2018), and New York Comic Con (October 4-7, 2018).

Official Hallmark Star Trek Trading Cards

For four years from 2002 to 2005 Hallmark Star Trek ornaments included a collectible trading card with the ornament.  These are easy to spot from the front of the box which displayed a version of the trading card in photo hinges.  It was these short lived cards that gave me the idea to develop a complete set of Hallmark Star Trek Trading Cards.





2017 Hallmark Dream Book Available Online

You can now see this year’s Hallmark Dream Book online.

STAR TREK BEYOND™ U.S.S. Franklin™ Ornament With Light
Regular price $32.95

Discovered half-buried on an alien world more than a century after its launch from Earth, the U.S.S. Franklin proved its worth to Captain Kirk and the stranded crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2016’s STAR TREK BEYOND™. This Christmas ornament brings the ship to life with handcrafted detailing and lighting effect. Battery-operated light feature includes three replaceable LR41 batteries. Learn more about Keepsake Ornaments.
Christmas tree ornament.
Magic Light.
Press button to see the ship light up.
Dated 2017 in copyright.
Battery operated. Three (3) LR41 batteries included.
Pre-packaged for easy gift-giving, preservation and storage.
3.5″ W x 1.1″ H x 5.15″ D

STAR TREK: The Next Generation™ Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data Sound Ornament
Regular price $29.95

A Christmas ornament that captures the essence of operations aboard the bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D with Captain Jean-Luc Picard at the helm? Make it so! Fans of STAR TREK: The Next Generation™ won’t want to miss this cool decoration that also features beloved android Lieutenant Commander Data and dialogue from the show. Battery-operated sound feature includes two replaceable LR44 batteries. Learn more about Keepsake Ornaments.
Christmas tree ornament.
Magic Sound.
Press button to hear dialogue from the TV series.
Dated 2017 in copyright.
Battery operated. Two (2) LR44 batteries included.
Pre-packaged for easy gift-giving, preservation and storage.
3.9″ W x 5.1″ H x 3.3″ D

2017 Dream Book

2017 is the 30th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Data
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Plays dialogue from the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series.

U.S.S. Franklin
Star Trek Beyond
Lights up
By Jake Angell

1993 U.S.S. Enterprise D Store Display

A 1993 Hallmark display for the Enterprise D ornament is currently on eBay.


The cardboard display is an insert that looks to swap in and out of a Hallmark display similar to the one for the 1994 Bird of Prey display.

If you are interested in Hallmark advertisements you can pick this up now for less that $40.



1994 Hallmark Klingon Bird of Prey Poster #1

A 20.5” x 30” 1994 Hallmark store poster promoting the release of the Klingon Bird of Prey ornament. Unfortunately, this image is quite blurry and it difficult to make out anything but the largest type.

Join Us For A Stellar Weekend

September 10-11, 1994

Celebrate the Holiday with the KLINGON BIRD-OF-PREY Keepsake Magic Ornament


1993 Hallmark Enterprise Promotional Button

Hallmark spread the word of the release of The Next Generation’s Enterprise NCC-1701-D ornament in 1993 with a 3.25″ promotional button.  A similar promotional button for another Enterprise ornament was distributed earlier this year.



1995 Romulan Warbird Commercial

Here’s a Hallmark commercial for the 1995 Romulan Warbird ornament I had never seen before.  The quality isn’t great but it is still worth a look.

Martha Hackett auditioned for the role of Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but lost out to Terry Farrell.  She was cast as a member of the Terellian alien species in the finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “All Good Things…”. She appeared on Deep Space Nine as the Romulan Sub Commander T’Rul in the two part episode “The Search” in season three and starred as Seska in thirteen episodes of the television series Star Trek: Voyager.

Hallmark Button Featuring 2016 Star Trek Ornament

Hallmark gave away souvenir buttons back in September at Star Trek Mission New York.  The buttons feature the 2016 50th Anniversary “Pilot” Enterprise with gold finish.  You can still get the ornament in stores this month but good luck finding a button anywhere.


1992 Hallmark Galileo Store Display

The 1992 Hallmark Galileo ornament was the only Star Trek ornament released that year. It was also lucky enough to have its very own Point-of-Sale display.  A 15.5″ x 18″ x 11.5″ deep box contains a 1992 Hallmark Christmas ornament talking store display.  The 4″ long “Galileo” lighted Shuttle orbits a moon-like quarter sphere on a metal rod. Push-button on the base of sphere allows one to here message from Mr.Spock.





The display typically sells for $30 – $100 in the after market if you’re lucky enough to find one.

2016 Dream Book


The 2016 Dream Book is available to view at and in stores today, May 14, 2016. We get a look the Star Trek 50th Anniversary To Boldly Go tabletop display.  It has come a long way since last year’s artist’s rendition preview.


Unfortunately, at under 6″ tall and less than 7 1/2″ wide, it’s whopping $74.95 asking price may have even the biggest Star Trek fans second guessing their fandom.


We also get looks at the “Pilot Version” of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Kirk from the scene “The Man Trap”. Both of these are the same as we were previewed last July.

As for Chekov…

“Although this ornament is not on the list, Star Trek’s website does advise its fans that it will be available at the beginning of the Keepsake Ornament Premiere.”

-Hallmark Customer Care (5/23/16)