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Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Checklist 1991-2018

1A 01. U.S.S. Enterprise QLX7199
1B 02. Shuttlecraft Galileo QLX7331
1C 03. U.S.S. Enterprise D QLX7412
1D 04. Klingon Bird-of-Prey QLX7386
1E 05. The Ships of Star Trek QXI4109
1F 06. Romulan Warbird QXI7267
1G 07. Captain Jean-Luc Picard QXI5737
1H 08. Captain James T. Kirk QXI5539
1I 09. U.S.S. Voyager QXI7544
2A 10. Star Trek 30 Years – Enterprise & Galileo Shuttlecraft QXI7534
2B 11. Commander William T.  Riker QXI5551
2C 12. Mr. Spock QXI5544
2D 13. U.S.S. Defiant QX17481
2E 14. Dr. Leonard H. McCoy QX16352
2F 15. Commander Data QXI6345
2G 16. U.S.S. Enterprise E QX17633
2H 17. Captain Kathryn Janeway QX14046
2I 18. Runabout U.S.S. Rio Grande QXI7593
3A 19. Worf QXI4139
3B 20. U.S.S. Enterprise – Glass QBG6117
3C 21. U.S.S. Enterprise – Stamp QXI8557
3D 22. Borg Cube QLX7354
3E 23. Seven of Nine QX6844
3F 24. Lieutenant Commander Worf – Glass QBG4064
3G 25. Space Station Deep Space Nine QX6065
3H 26. Startfleet Legends QXM5325
3I 27. Captain Benjamin Sisko QX6865
4A 28. Q – Glass QBG4345
4B 29. Delta Flyer QLX7663
4C 30. Enterprise NX-01 QXI2943
4D 31. The Doctor QX8226
4E 32. The Scorpion QXI7509
4F 33. Captain Jonathan Archer QXI8349
4G 34. Sub-Commandr T’Pol QXI8757
4H 35. Vulcan Command Ship QXI4084
4I 36. Commander Trip Tucker QXI4091
5A 37. “The City on  the Edge of Forever” QXI4094
5B 38. Insignias QXM5211
5C 39. U.S.S. Enterprise A QXI6215
5D 40. Khan QXI6202
5E 41. Locutus of Borg QXI6205
5F 42. U.S.S. Enterprise QXI6215
5G 43. The Transporter Chamber QXI6296
5H 44. Future U.S.S. Enterprise D QXI4347
5I 45. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan QXI4349
6A 46. Lieutenant Uhura – Red QXE9029
6B 47. “The Trouble with Tribbles” QXI4291
6C 48. Communicator QXI2254
6D 49. U.S.S. Reliant QXI4221
6E 50. Klingon Battle Cruiser QXI1185
6F 51. “The Menagerie” QXI1232
6G 52. Starfleet Phaser QXI1242
6H 53. Ilia Probe QXE3042
6I 54. Lieutenant Uhura – Gold QMP4008
7A 55. Captain James T. Kirk QX8373
7B 56. “Amok Time” QXI2163
7C 57. U.S.S. Enterprise 2.0 QXI2156
7D 58. Spock QX8829
7E 59. “Mirror, Mirror” QXI2057
7F 60. Romulan Bird-of-Prey QXI2007
7G 61. U.S.S. Defiant QMP4068
7H 62. Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy QX8244
7I 63. “An Extraordinary Meeting” QXI2054
8A 64. U.S.S. Enterprise D QXI2051
8B 65. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott QX9165
8C 66. U.S.S. Kelvin QXI2162
8D 67. “Arena” QXI2155
8E 68. U.S.S. Kelvin – Battle Damaged QMP4084
8F 69. Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu QX9183
8G 70. “The Devil in the Dark” QXI2613
8H 71. U.S.S. Vengeance QXI2616
8I 72. Vina QXE3743
9A 73. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura QX9227
9B 74. “The Needs of the Many” QXI2587
9C 75. U.S.S. Enterprise C QXI2499
9D 76. Ensign Pavel Chekov QXE3161
9E 77. “The Man Trap” QXI3401
9F 78. USS Enterprise Star Trek “Pilot Version” Gold Ed. QXI3404
9G 79. “To Boldly Go” QXI3441
9H 80. USS Enterprise Star Trek “Pilot Version” Painted Ed. QMP4099
9I 81. Star Trek Maxine Cosplay 1HGO1384
10A 82. U.S.S. Franklin QXI3405
10B 83. Picard/Data QXI3402
10C 84. Enterprise C – Battle Damaged QMP001
10D 85. Spock 1HCM3889
10E 86. “The Naked Time” QXI3316
10F 87. U.S.S. Discovery QXI3326
10G 88. Tricorder QXI3343
10H 89. Lt. Arex and Lt. M’Ress QMP4046
10I 90. USS Enterprise – Metal QXI3493


Who is Arex?

You will only know of Arex if you are a Star Trek super fan or you have such excellent recall you can summon the long ago memories of childhood Saturday mornings.  Arex was voiced by our very own James Doohan on the two-season animated series.


Arex, an Edosian (Triexian) possessed of his tripodal species’ characteristic orange skin and six limbs (three arms and three legs, with three digits on each hand and foot), began serving as a navigator aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise on stardate 5371.3 (2269).

Later that year, on stardate 7403.6, the versatile Lieutenant Arex manned the bridge science station, from which he scanned the surface of Delta Theta III in search of Captain Kirk and Commander Spock.

Arex has been in Starfleet for many years. He is known as the best navigator in the fleet. Before he entered the service as a technician, he spent 10 years in the merchant space fleet. While Arex is an officer, and a good one, he is not a product of Starfleet Academy. He worked his way up through the ranks, becoming an officer via a “field commission” during a battle involving the Klingons and the small cruiser aboard which he was then serving. It is not fair to say Arex has never been to Starfleet Academy — he spent two years there some time ago, as a space navigation instructor. One of his high-scoring students was a young Russian named Pavel Chekov.

His reflexes are quick, and he can move with great speed when necessary. In an emergency, he can operate the complex helm-navigation console by himself.

Arex is a thoughtful being, given to long silences. There are times when he retreats to the solitude of his quarters to deliberate … or perhaps to worship the many gods of Edos. One never knows, for Arex never speaks of these moments of isolation.

Arex has no brothers or sisters. In fact, it is highly unusual for there to be more than one child per family on his home planet Edos. The population must be kept down due to the longer life factor. 

Aboard ship, Arex often keeps to himself. However, when the mood is right, he can be persuaded to play a flute-like instrument called a sessica. Arex also can be persuaded — at very rare moments — to display a special proficiency in sleight-of-hand, a trick he picked up while in the merchant space service. Arex is entitled to wear three decorations for bravery and has a Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Valor.  Read more…

Who is M’Ress?

So…you’re a Star Trek fan but not a STAR TREK FAN. You may or may not know who the latest character Hallmark is honoring for an ornament. Voiced by the queen of Star Trek herself, Majel  Barrett.  M’Ress was only seen on Star Trek: The Animated Series and never appeared on any of the live-action television series or films.


A native of the planet Cait, M’Ress is a humanoid feline covered with thick orange fur and sporting large incisors, golden eyes with catlike vertical pupils, and a long tail. Her purring speech makes her a natural communicator, which may partly account for her posting aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as a relief communications officer, which began at about stardate 5143.3 (2269).

M’Ress graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2266, and rose to the rank of lieutenant in only two years. She is a specialist in communications and computer translator systems. Prior to joining the Enterprise crew, she served aboard a scout ship and the U.S.S. Hood NCC-1703.

M’Ress amuses herself in off-duty hours with the pursuit of Federation and galactic histories and the writing of free-form poetry. She also pursues an interest in anthropology and archaeology, subjects which relate to the histories she studies.

Among the crew personnel, M’Ress is well-liked and includes among her close friends Uhura and Nurse Christine Chapel. The distinctive “purr” in her voice is immediately arresting when she speaks, and she is a popular actress in the ship’s small theatre company.

M’Ress’ three littermates also serve in Starfleet in various capacities. The long line of her ancestors in well-known on Cait, and her parents are honored citizens. M’Ress herself is quiet about her family’s rank. Read more…

Spock & Kirk itty bittys Clippys

Star Trek™ Mr. Spock™ and Captain Kirk™ itty bittys® Clippys Stuffed Animals
Regular price $9.95

Set your phasers to “fun” with these itty bittys® Clippys versions of Mr. Spock™ and Captain Kirk™. They’re just the right size to clip on a backpack, belt, purse strap or wherever you want them to tag along—even if you’re exploring new worlds or seeking out new life and new civilizations. Plus, they come in a pair so you can share with other Star Trek™ fans or trade them with friends!
Plush fabric stuffed animals.
Functional plastic clip.
1.88″ W x 2.5″ H x 1″ D

86) 2018 “The Naked Time”

Star Trek™ “The Naked Time” Ornament With Sound
Regular price $29.99

Having succumbed to the planet Psi 2000’s intoxication, bare-chested Hikaru Sulu, a swashbuckler at heart, challenges Captain Kirk and other crew members with a fencing foil. This Christmas tree ornament features dialogue from the unforgettable episode “The Naked Time” from the Star Trek™ original television series. Battery-operated sound feature includes two replaceable LR44 batteries.
Magic Sound Christmas tree ornament. Press the button on the ornament to hear dialogue from this exciting scene. Battery operated. Requires two (2) LR44 batteries, included.
This artist-crafted Christmas tree ornament comes pre-packaged in a box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Dated 2018 in copyright.
With unparalleled artistry and exceptional detail, each festive and collectible Keepsake Ornament is made for years of celebrations. From preserving precious memories to commemorating special milestones and interests, there’s a Hallmark ornament for everyone on your gift list.
Hallmark has been your family-owned creator of greeting cards, gifts, gift wrap, ornaments and more for over 100 years. We take deep pride in helping individuals connect in just the right way.
Plastic Christmas tree ornament is lead-free and measures 4.69″ W x 4.23″ H x 3.01″ D.

Third Annual Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Predictions

Last year’s predictions discussed the possibility of a Star Trek: The Animated Series ornament and a Discovery ornament and in 2018 we got both.  2018 also gave us “The Naked Time” ornament which we gave 3:1 odds back in our 2017 predictions.

Possible Future Character Ornaments

Michael Burnham as the lead of the two year old series Discovery is very likely as a character ornament. Odds: 2:1

Captain Philippa Georgiou. Odds: 19:1

Captain Gabriel Lorca. Odds: 42:1 


Possible Future Ship Ornaments

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B has been mysteriously absent from the Hallmark lineup. A strong contender for a Event Exclusive ornament. Odds: 6:1

At some point we should expect Discovery’s design of the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from the first season finale. Odds: 7:1  

Star Trek: Discovery’s other ship, U.S.S. Shenzhou may be another angle at promoting Star Trek’s latest series. Odds: 12:1

Is the V’Ger likely to show up next season? Probably not but with The Final Frontier’s 30th Anniversary it is a long shot. Odds: 82:1


Possible Future Scene Ornaments

Two words: “Spock’s Brain”. Odds: 3:1

There is no gray area on the reception a “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” ornament would be. Odds: 5:1

The time has never been more right than to release a “Plato’s Stepchildren” ornament celebrating Kirk and Uhura’s groundbreaking kiss. Odds: 8:1

A “Space Seed” ornament could revisit the popular Khan character that was first ornamentalized in 2005. Odds: 8:1

Nothing would be better than a Kirk ornament shouting “Khaaaaan!”. The Star Trek II scene has become a staple in the public lexicon. Odds: 14:1

With the Star Trek: Generations 25th Anniversary coming in 2019 we may get a scene depicting Picard beside a dying Kirk. Not very Christmasy? Look no further than 2015’s “The Needs of the Many” ornament. Odds: 23:1

“The Corbomite Maneuver” would be favorite among fans but lost on the general public. Odds: 250:1


Possible Future Prop Ornaments

Just sci-fi looking enough to possibly sneak in as a Christmas weapon ornament, the Phaser Rifle has a decent shot. Odds: 18:1

The Laser Pistol is more modern day sidearm than futuristic weapon. Odds: 30:1

Hallmark has given us the phaser, the communicator, the tricorder and even the transporter chamber, so what is left? Maybe a scene from the Next Generation Holodeck. Odds: 37:1



2018 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Release Dates

Hallmark Ornament Premiere Week (July 14-22, 2018)

San Diego Comic-Con (July 19-22, 2018)

Official Las Vegas Star Trek Convention (August 1-5, 2018)

New York Comic Con (October 4-7, 2018)

Hallmark Ornament Debut (October 6-14, 2018)