Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments Price Guide – 2016/Winter

Prices based on average costs from hookedonornaments.com and hallmarkornaments.com. Ornaments on these sites are sometimes available at a lower price with a damaged box. Neither site is affiliated with this site.  This site does not resell ornaments.

Ornaments highlighted in gold are convention exclusives. Those highlighted in light gold are Limited Editions.

Ornament types: (CH) Character, (SH) Ship, (SC) Scene, (NV) Novelty, (BG) Blown Glass, (PR) Prop, (TR) Tribute



Second 2017 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Previewed



We have out first image of the 2017 Picard and Data ornament.  It appears it will be a sound ornament and depending on what sound accompanies it will determine if it is based on a specific scene.

In August we received out first image of Hallmark’s 2017 ship, the U.S.S. Franklin.


We will most likely get a third ornament in 2017 that will be a solo character. Look for updates!

Klingon Bird of Prey Pinball Mod

“A Hallmark 1994 Klingon Bird of Prey for your Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball Machine. This ship is “bolt on ready” and comes with wiring harness for easy installation.”


Go here to learn more…http://pinball-mods.com/oscom/game-specific-products-star-trek-the-next-generation-stng-klingon-bird-of-prey-p-30.html